All you need to know about Deep Web

Behind deep web
Behind deep web

The top of the iceberg

The Internet as we know it, also called Surface Web and which includes sites like Digital Newspaper Technology and Google, represents only the top of the iceberg – that is, a very small portion of what the great network really is. The rest of the ice mass, which is submerged, corresponds to the Deep Web, part of the Internet that requires specific methods to be accessed and that is capable of providing some degree of anonymity to users.

As for its size, studies estimate that the Deep Web is 500 times larger than the Surface Web. It is also speculated that the part of the Internet that we explore every day comprises only 4% of the whole – the rest belongs to the submerged portion of the iceberg.

Dark web
Dark Web

Purpose of the Deep Web

The use of Deep Web is quite varied, and this is where the controversy lies. Because of privacy, many people and institutions use this network to share and host sensitive files that may not be available on the “conventional internet.” The army, police forces, journalists and even ordinary citizens with some knowledge of the internet are examples of people who use Deep Web for specific purposes.

However, anonymity also allows the proliferation of a host of atrocities and bizarre things. The trade of illegal drugs, organs, weapons and even people, besides child pornography and the commissioning of rent killers, are just a few of the examples.

purpose of the deep web
purpose of the deep web

Unfortunately, however, its use is constantly related to the illegal drug trade on the Deep Web, as well as a host of other, less than cool activities.


As it is a gigantic place, the Deep Web is generally imagined as a place with imaginary divisions. The deeper a user is, the harder it is to get there, and the more extreme the content is.

“Mariana’s Web” is the title given to the deepest place on the Deep Web. This region probably gathers the secrets of the internet, but it is impossible to say exactly what we would find there. Because of the difficulty in accessing it and the danger of encountering something unpleasant, many prefer to take no chances.

Legal or illegal?

Contrary to what many may imagine, accessing the Deep Web is not illegal. Motivated by the privacy the site can provide, many people turn to the “invisible internet” to deal with sensitive matters and share files they could never see in daylight.

However, the anonymity of this gigantic part of the Internet also leads to the emergence of a series of illegal activities that most would not be happy to come across.

Ps: this article is not intended to teach readers the steps to access Deep Web. We understand the dangers and controversies surrounding this topic, which is why we avoid touching that part of the subject.