Virtual Reality Headset – All you need to know before buying

Virtual Reality Headset - All you need to know before buying
Virtual Reality Headset – All you need to know before buying

There are many factors to consider before buying a virtual reality glasses. The arrival of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have increased interest in headsets, but the fact is that there are good and bad points in getting a model now.

Aspects such as PC requirements, compatibility with other devices and availability need to be observed before investing in the accessory. Check out everything you need to know about VR glasses.

1. Hardware

Virtual reality technology requires a computer with powerful hardware. EVGA, for example, even released a special version of the Geforce GTX 980 Ti thinking of the headsets. HP is another manufacturer that is creating PCs aimed at the segment, having signed a partnership with HTC, developer of HTC Vive.

It is clear that manufacturers are taking advantage of the trend to launch new products on the market, but in fact the requirements are high. To get an idea, the minimum requirements for a Rift-compatible computer include NVIDIA GTX970 graphics card, Intel i5-4590 processor, 8GB RAM, HDMI 1.3 output, USB 3.0 ports, and Windows 7 64-bit.

Powerfull Hardware
Powerfull Hardware

2. High Price

There are some virtual reality glasses options for less. However, this value does not match the top lines. The Gear VR, made by Samsung in partnership with Oculus VR, The Oculus Rift for example

Even more expensive is the HTC Vive, whose launch price in the United States is $ 799. While the PlayStation VR has not yet been priced, but the president of Sony’s content development division has said that the device should cost the equivalent of a new console – it is worth remembering that the PS4 arrived.

3. Mobile Compatible

Some of the virtual reality devices on the market require specific smartphones to work. Gear VR is compatible only with the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models. Apple’s View-Master, on the other hand, supports iPhones launched from the iPhone 5.

4. Technology

Untill now we present negative aspects of the virtual reality headset, it is necessary to remember the reason of so many expenses: it is a revolutionary technology. The two-way 360 ° display delivers an unprecedented immersive feel that completely changes the gaming experience. The player stops watching the game and effectively becomes part of it.

The 3D immersion effect promises to be even greater with the arrival of binaural audio on headsets. The technology, created in the 19th century, consists of capturing and reproducing the sound of the way the human ears listen. Thus, the recording is made with two microphones, placed one on each side of the head of a mannequin. The result is a three-dimensional sound.

5. Google Cardboard

Low cost, however, has its drawbacks. One is that the cardboard body is far from sturdy. Another detail is that the device only works with smartphones. Although the Cardboard app is available for iOS and Android, the number of VR games on these platforms is still relatively small.

7. Alternatives to virtual reality

Virtual reality is not the only way to get the feeling of immersion. An alternative to the technology is the combination of 3D and 360-degree imaging being projected directly into the retina, as does the Glyph. His images create in the viewer the impression of being in front of a 65-inch TV.

8. New Technology

The Oculus Rift only arrived in its first version for the consumer this year, way that was accompanied by the competitors. Although 2016 is particularly promising for the segment, the truth is that all the devices are still very new in the market.

Replacing or repairing the devices is likely to cause a lot of headaches.

Another negative aspect is that VR glasses have been relatively little tested by the general public. This means that there is little feedback beyond that issued by the specialized press and technology professionals. Although many reports attest to the impressive character of virtual reality, it is equally common to complain about the weight of headsets. Long games end up causing annoyance or even headache in the players.