My mobile phone is spying on me?

Richard Stallman – The father of free software

The father of free software is a hardened traveler: he diffuses the principles of his movement where they call him. Days before the interview, Richard Stallman (New York, 1953) participated in the Burgos Culture Forum and will resume his European tour after giving a lecture in Valencia.

His peculiar sense of humor, which he cultivates in the six or seven languages ​​he dominates, brings a lot of naturalness to the encounter.

It looks as if he himself wants to get off the pedestal where the developer community put him. For this collective, it is a living legend. Stallman is the father of the GNU project, in which is the first free operating system, which emerged in 1983.

Since the nineties it works with another component, the Linux Kernel, so it was renamed as GNU-Linux. “Many, erroneously, call the system only Linux …,” complains Stallman. His rivalry with Finnish Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linus, is well-known: he accuses him of having taken the merit of their joint creation, nothing less than a very competitive operating system whose fluent code can be used, modified and redistributed freely by anybody whose development had the contribution of thousands of programmers from all over the world.

The truth is that the revolutionary free software movement was started by Stallman.

The programmer, who studied physics at Harvard and graduated from MIT, was caught up early in the hacking culture, whose development coincided with his early years. Free software and the concept of copyleft (as opposed to copyright) would also not be the same without this laughable, hippy-looking lord.

But, It is possible? Do mobile phones have the ability to listen and process sounds 24 hours a day? It all depends on the permissions that the device owner activates. “Ninety-nine percent of users are ignorant. For the sake of humanity, an aptitude test should be required to allow the use of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an Internet connection, such as a driving license public, “says Enrique Vidal, winner of the national prize in Informatics in 2011, awarded by the Scientific Society of Spain.

my mobile is spy on me?
my mobile is spy on me?

Not only Stallman but several experts consulted agree that the problem is the misuse of technology; ignorance opens the door to abuse. “Understanding the language of the Internet is basic, and this should be included in the academic program,” says Carlos Martínez, professor of programming at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The main problem is, in his opinion, that most users never read the privacy terms and conditions of applications installed on their phones.

So be careful about what you write or talk on your mobile phone and how you use apps, you may be spying because of your own inexperience.