How to attracting organic traffic to my website

Increase organic traffic on your website
Increase organic traffic on your website

How Increase Organic Traffic?

To increase quality organic traffic you need to diversify.

Because only then will you have options if one of your traffic sources (or even two) has some kind of problem or restriction that you can not control.

On second thought, no one wants to lose their visitors from one moment to another, right?

Many people ask me about generating organic traffic and, because there is no single answer to that question, there has been a willingness to write about how to generate consistent, quality traffic to your site.

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In this article we will see in detail the following topics:

The steps to increase organic traffic
The steps to increase organic traffic

Do you know those visitors coming to your site through searches performed on mechanisms like Google? This is called organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the best of all types of traffic, some even say it’s even free, but I disagree, because the time and effort to get there are great!.

Also, according to Wikipedia’s user profile information, users tend to click on organic results first, and if they do not find what they are looking for then only access paid (sponsored) links.

1- Knowing Your Public

You need to know who is your audience to direct your efforts and correctly target who you intend to reach with your communication.

knowing your public
knowing your public

This will influence the definition of your keywords, the production of your informational content and sales as well as the actions of any marketing plan.

Conduct surveys, ask questions, and whatever else is within your reach to fully understand who your customers are and what they want.

To discover opportunities and enhance this knowledge of your audience, it is critical to conduct a keyword research and find the best expressions and phrases that are related to your audience and your business.


The search tools scour the internet for the best content for your users, who are ordinary people like you and me who surf the internet looking for information on the most diverse subjects.

We talked about search optimization, but now let’s focus on your audience.

Everything revolves around the terms used, and here we are talking about the keywords. Because is here that the whole process begins.

So the importance of doing a good keyword research before starting a business, creating a product or producing an article.

We use the following tools to identify the volume of searches and whether it really pays to work with certain keywords:

Google External Keywords Tools

Google keyword tool that shows an estimate of the monthly search volume of each search term.

2 – Delivering Quality Content

Attraction marketing or inbound marketing has come to modify the traditional way of selling.

Delivering Quality Content
Delivering Quality Content

In this new style of marketing content production is the main factor in generating value and customer loyalty.

Solving Problems by Delivering Solutions
Find out what your audience’s problems are, put yourself in the place of your persona (see here how to create a persona for your business) and ask the right questions to understand the needs of your potential customers.

After this survey, the time has come to produce outstanding content and help clients solve their problems by providing useful information.

3 – Optimizing Content for Search Engines

The basic premises of relevant content are quality and originality.

And this is also good for the work of optimizing websites and articles.

A great post for optimizing articles in wordpress I found in this article how generate more traffic.

Optimizing SEO
Optimizing SEO

Let’s see what are the best actions in practice that are sure to ensure your content is found:

Best SEO Practices

  • Your link (URL) nomenclature should be friendly
  • Give due importance to each level of information (H1, H2 …)
  • Share images inside the content
  • Use bold to highlight your keyword

Title (HELP IN RANKING) And Description Convert!
The title is essential for a good rankings, it is for him that primarily the Google algorithm seeks to choose and then list the results of a search.

If the title rankings, the description comes just below to convert the user click, it is that text that has the power of convincing while showing more deep what the user will find after the click.

4 – Increasing the Range

There is no point having all that work to get here and not strive to promote your product and increase the scope of its publication.

Increasing the Range
Increasing the Range

Create 7 social-posts to share your article on social networks, abuse the variations in title, short statements or statistics contained in the article.

These short texts should be published within 2 weeks of publication.

Another tip is, if readers are enjoying your article, it is worth keeping a consistency in the promotion for a few weeks even more so that it has to intersperse with new articles.

Marketing Video
The videos are gaining prominence and relevance on the internet, even because a multimedia message passes with much more details and realism any type of content.

That’s why YouTube (Google) and Facebook are giving prominence to publications that have video.

Just watch your facebook feed and check it out.

We should follow this trend and, where possible, benefit from it as much as we can.

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