7 Creative Ideas for Planning an Economic Wedding

The best weddings planning are the force to your inspirational gum. We’ve put together this 7 creative ideas to get a beautifull but economic wedding.

1- A Simple but Beautifull Cocktail

Instead of a formal buffet and dinner reception, opt for a cocktail. It’s charming, stylish and the finger foods are super trend! Gastronomic islands and beverage islands are also a more economical option than traditional buffets. Informal menu options, served in pots, rustic plates, tins and teaspoons, have been the favorite choice of newlyweds in recent times.

A simple but beautifull cocktail

2. Choose Alternate Dates

Wedding parties on Sundays usually take place during the daytime in an open place with a pool and lots of green to enjoy the natural beauty and the weather. Remember that a pre wedding wedding rehearsal is a great option for beautiful photos while serving as Save the Date for your guests.

3. Online Wedding Invitation

Online invitation is a practical, easy and much cheaper option. You can choose from many beautiful options, compose the text and send, without complications, by email or through social networks. The advantage is that besides being cheaper, you do not waste time delivering the invitations. They are widely used for bridal showers or Save the Date.

For those who do not dispense with paper, there are some online providers who send printed invitations to your home, slightly lowering costs. Wedding invitation video is also a good option for those who can make a more affordable package along with the wedding video.

4. Choose the ideal place

Thoroughly research the suppliers of venues for your wedding. Renting ballrooms for parties can be extremely expensive. Look for a place you already have available: your church or club, your building’s ballroom or a friend’s bouncer. Have you ever imagined a wedding picnic?

It is important to look hard to find an affordable and beautiful place. Plus, you can have the ceremony and party in one place, as it will reduce the commute time you pay for hours. Make the most of the environment as part of the decoration: trees, flower beds, gardens, etc.

5. Reduce the number of guests

In all weddings, the annoyance of the guest list is almost unanimous. New guests always appear and the list goes on and on. But it is very important to know who really should be present at your wedding and to invite only the most important people in your life, the ones who were and are part of your history.

Unlist some friends you haven’t seen in years and invite really special people. Don’t invite coworkers unless they are really your friends. Hiring a good advisory and ceremonial can be of great help!

6. Honeymoon

Organize the trip on your own or through a really reliable agency that looks for cheaper flights, or even if you have friends living abroad, take the chance to stay at their place. Choose a destination that is in low season. For example, if you get married in summer, a country in the northern hemisphere will be less expensive because it is in winter.

7. Wedding Dress

A great idea is to buy a second hand dress in great condition. At Emporio Lulu, you can find top brand wedding dresses and realize the dream of having a beautiful dress to call your own.

Nowadays there are also many stores where you can rent amazing dresses like first rent. Have you considered reforming your mother’s wedding dress? Do not buy a shoe that will only wear at the wedding, buy a colorful bridal shoe that, besides being super elegant with the look, can be worn many times.

Ideas took from Gabriela Albertoni articles